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Children Head Injuries: Most Dangerous Spots, and Factors!

Children Head Injuries: Most Dangerous Spots, and Factors!

Head injury normally and usually damages your scalp, skull or your brain, or the rest of your head tissues and blood vessels. To begin with, here we will give you detailed information on children head injuries.

You will come to know about the most dangerous spots which get affected when a child gets a head injury. Furthermore, causes, symptoms, treatments and precautionary measures related to this section are mentioned as well.

Children Head Injuries

Moreover, you can call such an injury to a brain injury type. Or give it the name of traumatic brain injury (TBI) type. These kinds of head injuries can be somewhat mild and give a bump, bruise or you get a cut on your head.

Or some of the head injuries can be life-threatening too. And eventually gives a deep cut, open wound or you may experience broken skull bones.

Children Head Injuries: Most Dangerous Spots – Types of Head Injuries

You might be wondering regarding the important types of head injuries, here you are! Below we have collected authentic explanation for you.

Skull fracture – A Depressed Skull Fracture

Children Head Injuries

If a child experiences a skull fracture, then he or she is going to get a crack in one of their skull’s bones. Such a skull fracture may cause just a minor bruise on your brain surface.

Most importantly, if your skull is completely dented inward. then the pieces of your skull broken bones are going to be pressed down against your brain surface. Such a situation needs an immediate amount of care and also special surgery.

Epidural hematoma – Bleeding Inside Your Head

Most noteworthy, another most dangerous children head injury type is this Epidural hematoma. In this situation, severe bleeding happens inside your head.

Most probably, this all happens when a sharp kind of fragment cuts your head bone and also damages your major brain blood vessels.

This head injury can even cause death. As an example, if you are hit by a baseball bat or baseball bat, then this head injury will be faced by you.

Concussion Head Injury – Instant loss of Alertness

Children Head Injuries

Furthermore, next head injury type we have for you, it is concussion head injury. This injury causes and results in an instant loss of awareness or you can alertness.

It is for a few minutes up to a time duration of a few hours that this condition last. Moreover, a few of the concussions remain to be mild and brief enough.

Contusion Head Injury – Bleeding & Swelling of the Head

If your child gets a bruise on his brain, then this head injury is often and commonly termed as a contusion. This specific and subjected injury causes your head to bleed as well as swell.

Even more, it is because of the direct blow to the head or due to the violent shaking of your child that this condition occurs!

Factors Causing Children Head Injuries

Children Head Injuries

In addition to, below we have listed down a few of the important causes which gives birth to different types of children head injuries.

It might be because of sports injury, falling accidents, experiencing a motor vehicle accident that these injuries happen and occur. Besides, if you are struck by some vehicle while you are walking, then your head may get injured.

It is often seen that teens are at a higher risk of getting head injuries. Also, head injuries happen and occur twice in boys as compared to the ratio and stats experienced by girls.

Beyond, cases of head injuries get more and extensive during the spring and summer months break time.

Thus, if you are riding bikes, roller skating, or if you are skateboarding, then remain careful enough and avoid to get a skull injury.

Those children who often and excessively play football, soccer or hockey, and basketball, the risk of getting a head injury is higher among them.

Symptoms of Children Head Injuries

Children Head Injuries

There are various symptoms when it comes to head injury or skull injury in a child. These symptoms and signs can occur slightly differently in each and every single child.

Mild Head Injury Symptoms Among Children

Most importantly, if a child is facing and witnessing a mild head injury, then he may have a raised or swollen area on his head. This swelling will occur on his head bruise or bump.

Seeing a small and shallow cut on your child scalp is another important symptom talking specifically about these head injuries.

Some of the children are likely to get a headache. They become sensitive to noise and also light. Parents may also notice Irritability or you can say abnormal behavior in their child.

Moreover, these head injuries result in confusion, dizziness as well as lightheadedness.

Children experience problems and issues with respect to balancing their bodies. Even more, head injuries or skull injuries give nausea, poor sleep patterns, blurred vision or you can say double vision.

Severe Head Injury Symptoms Among Children

Children Head Injuries

However, if your child somehow experiences moderate or severe skull injury, then the important signs which he or she will show are loss of consciousness. He or she gets a severe headache and also repeated nausea time. He may vomit a lot.

Most probably, he experiences loss of short-term memory and slurred speech times. Also, trouble in walking, feeling weakness in a few of the body parts are the noticeable signs if your child has got a head injury.

Most certainly, sweating, convulsions, seizures, pale skin, blood draining from the nose, fluid coming out from ears, dark circles- all are important hints that you have got a severe head injury.

Lastly, loss of consciousness, loss of thinking, loss of awareness, locked-in syndrome are more of the clear and noticeable symptoms of this condition.

Most Dangerous Complications of a Child Head Injury

If your child is suffering from some brain injury, then his muscle, speech or vision, hearing functioning may get negatively affected as well.

Let your child remain prepared for long- or short-term changes which shall occur in his personality and also in his behavior. Such children are always in need of lifelong medical treatment and too rehabilitative treatment.

As an example, they have to constantly involve themselves in physical, occupational therapies and speech therapy modes.

How to Treat these Children Head Injuries?

Children Head Injuries

So, what’s the bottom line? Can you think of a simple treatment to treat this different range of head injuries? Below you can get a little explanation about that:

Do take rest and if possible, place ice cubes on your affected area. You can apply an antibiotic ointment. To close your head wound, stitches can be applied on your scalp.

Go for diagnostic tests or surgery if there is a need to do so! Consult a traumatic brain injury specialist if your child skull is intensely and massively injured.

Lastly, do talk and have a detailed meeting with your child’s healthcare provider regarding the risks and possible side effects which these head surgeries are going to induce on your child.


To summarize, make sure to keep your child as much protected from these head injuries as you can. Keep an eye on them.

Moreover, never let them involve in such outdoor playing activities which accidentally gives them head or skull injuries. Stay tuned as more thorough information on child head injuries are coming up.

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