Dr. Johnny Jue – Cardiologist | Vancouver, BC

Johnny Jue Clinic Vancouver

Dr. Johnny Jue – Cardiologist | Vancouver, BC

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  • 2775 Laurel Street, 9th Floor, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1M9
  • (604) 875-4111
  • 9 am to 5pm Monday to Friday
  • Accepting New Patients
  • English
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As a cardiologist, he is equipped with special skills and training in finding, treating, and preventing different diseases that affect mainly both the heart and the blood vessels. He works with patients especially when it comes to treating ongoing and long-term illnesses. Some of the illnesses that will be encountered include angina, high blood pressure, cardiac arrest, heart failure, as well as coronary heart disease.

There are several reasons why an individual should see a cardiologist. Regardless of the reason, seeing a cardiologist will make sure that risks of acquiring heart disease are controlled, thus avoiding further complications. Seeing a cardiologist is also helpful even if you are not yet feeling any symptoms of heart issues, but comes from a family with a history of heart disease.

Dr. Johnny Jue is currently accepting new patients. To book an appointment, please call (604) 875-4111.

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