Dr. Shaunessy Keita – Chiropractor | Calgary, AB

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Dr. Shaunessy Keita – Chiropractor | Calgary, AB

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  • 500 Country Hills Boulevard Northeast, Calgary, AB T3K 4Y7
  • (403) 226-4433
  • 9 am to 5pm Monday to Friday
  • Accepting New Patients
  • English
  • Female

As a dedicated chiropractor, she is dedicated in focusing on the diagnosis and the actual treatment of neuromuscular issues, emphasizing on treatment using the manual adjustment and the manipulation of the spine. She focuses on finding ways in reducing pain, while improving the overall functionality of patients. She also educates patients on how they can be responsible for their own health through exercise and being ergonomic.

Most of the time, neuromuscular issues come as a result of poor spinal mobility. This is what a chiropractic aims at focusing. The treatment and reestablishment of normal spinal mobility helps in alleviating the pain and irritation on the spinal nerve, thus re-establishing altered reflexes. For most cases, this treatment helps in restoring the spine’s structural integrity, consequently improving the overall health of a patient.

Dr. Shaunessy Keita is currently accepting new patients. To book an appointment, please call (403) 226-4433.

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