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Healthdoc Academic Scholarship 2019

Healthdoc Academic Scholarship 2019

Pursuing healthcare education is rather costly, although it is equally rewarding. The good news is that you can reduce these costs by taking advantage of scholarships available on

A selection committee, who name a beneficiary biannually, awards the scholarships. Each successful applicant is awarded $500 to offset the amount of money needed to carter for healthcare education. Academic Scholarship

At healthdoc, we place a lot of value in healthcare education. To express just how much we value healthcare education, we offer scholarships to deserving students currently taking a certificate or degree program in healthcare education. The scholarship is also available to students in all academic levels.

To qualify, a student must have started the course. Only one application per student in each academic year will be considered.

Our healthcare education scholarship is awarded strictly on merit and application is open to all students enrolled in campus. Students taking online courses are also welcome to apply.

However, all programs, whether campus or online based, must be considered qualified programs.

Scholarship Application Deadlines

Application is open until 1st of August for all Healthcare programs starting this Fall. All applications should be sent to Applicants must follow all submission instructions, including the rules on writing an original essay based on the provided topic.

Each essay should be 800 words minimum, but should not be more than 1000 words. All essay must be formatted correctly before submission. Any application with false information will be rejected and the applicant disqualified instantly. The applicants will be tested on their ability to correctly respond to essay question by providing the right level of insight and reasoning.

Selection Criteria works with a selection committee whose job is to review each application. Every applicant will be assessed based on past academic achievement, employment history, extra-curricular activities as well as the written application essay. The minimum acceptable GPA is 3.2.

Equal Opportunity Consideration

The scholarship committee does not base its decision on race, age, disability, sexual preference or religion. Each application is assessed equally. The separating factor depends on strength of the essay, academic merit, collective values and overall submission. We exercise absolute discretion during the selection process.

Announcing the Winner

Successful applicants will receive communication 30 days after closure of the application deadline. Winners will be notified via postal mail and email. Winning applicants will be required to supply transcripts from their current institution so that we can verify the stated GPA.

In the event a winner is unable to supply transcripts, or provided a GPA that is different from what was stated in the application, the selection committee has the right to rescind awarded scholarship and give it to another qualified person.

The scholarship amount will be paid directly to the applicant’s health education program in form of a check. Successful applicants should expect their award three months after receiving notification.

Applicants who have cleared their fees will receive the award at their permanent address as a check. Each year’s winner will appear on


When is the scholarship offered?

The scholarship is offered twice every year. Summer Application closes on the 1st of August while the Fall application closes on the 1st of December.

What is the meaning of “qualified” healthcare program?

All applicants are required to be students taking a campus or online program that is accredited. The program a student is taking can be diploma/certificate College or university programing spanning between 2 and 4 years.

Are international students eligible to apply?

Yes. International students are welcome to apply as long as they are enrolled in a qualified healthcare program.

Do you accept applications from military personnel?

Yes. Members of the military branch are also welcome to apply.

Does the application process require a recommendation letter?

No. A recommendation letter is not required during the application letter. Any application letter sent to the selection committee will not be considered.

Does the application process involve any costs?

No. Applicants are not required to pay anything. The application process is free.

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