11 Best Homeopathic Remedies In 2019 - [ Ultimate List ]

Homeopathic Remedy

The ultimate list regarding the 11 best homeopathic remedies in 2019 are shared over here. We all know that homeopathy is a kind of complementary medicine.

People use and take it as an alternative instead of taking harsh medicines. Furthermore, its remedies are marked as a natural treatment to cure and treat certain health conditions.

Moreover, homeopathy was invented somewhat in the late 18th century time. It is originally based on the concept “like cures like”.

You might be wondering how homeopathic remedies and medicines are made? It is done by diluting certain substances in water.

11 Best Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic Remedies

These best homeopathic remedies are meant to cure bloating, cramping and also constipation issues. Even more, if you face the issue of having kidney stones, weight loss or asthma, then these remedies can help you.

We have also listed down those remedies which cure and heal depression, panic attacks as well as anxiety attacks and tiredness, migraine and to headaches.

1- Bryonia Homeopathic Remedy Cures “Splitting” Headache problem


This is an effective homeopathic remedy which is extensively followed by people. This is a  helpful remedy when it comes to “splitting” headache problem.

Or you can say heavy headache problem. Most importantly, this remedy cures your steady head pain problem in less time. We have seen that this “splitting” headache problem normally and usually stays over one eye.

Or it also spreads to the entire and whole head. Most noteworthy, this remedy ease down your worse headache pain.

Upon following it, you may not experience any nausea or any sort of heavy feeling in your stomach. Generally, in these conditions, the person may vomit and get an extremely dry mouth.

However, there is another homeopathic remedy named as Ignatia which is interlinked curing headache and migraine issues. Ignatia is immensely helpful for those people who often get migraines. This is an ideal remedy for sensitive people.

If you get headaches especially and specifically right after emotional upsets, then do implement this remedy on yourself/.

Such a kind of headache is often concentrated on one side and section of the head. Thus, Ignatia reduces twitching in the face and also spasms in the muscles.

2- Carbo Veg Homeopathic Remedy Treats Stomach Pains

Stomach Pains

Most probably, it is this specific Carbo Veg homeopathic remedy which cures minor and major stomach pains.

This subjected remedy is exclusively and generally suitable for all those people who suffer from general fatigue and also burning stomach pains.

Most certainly, it is also recommended for those individuals who experience pressing or sore stomach. The effectiveness of this remedy can be concluded on this fact that it instantly reduces all of your stomach cramps.

You feel no longer any kind of bloating after eating. Hence, homeopathic professionals are of this belief that eating fats and rich foods usually cause belching, heartburn and to indigestion.

In addition, China Officinalis and Natrum muriaticum cure stomach acidity problems as well. They are interlinked homeopathic remedies which serve the same function and almost the same purpose.

China Officinalis reduces stomach acidity and bloating. It makes your digestive system to get back to its normal mode. And Natrum muriaticum cures your indigestion problem,  painful stomach cramps.

Homeopaths believe that strong emotions like that of grief can aggravate and intensify this specific condition.

3- Aconite – Homeopathic Remedy for Panic Attacks


Also, we have Aconite homeopathic remedy for you which is specifically designed to cure panic attacks and anxiety attacks. If you do have anxiety issues and still you want to give a single try to homeopathic treatments, then follow this remedy.

Aconite is practiced and recommended by a large number of experienced homeopathy practitioners. This treatment is suggested to those people who face intense and sudden anxiety attacks.

Such kind of panic attacks can be somewhat connected and linked to past trauma. Thus, aconite heals your dry skin and dry mouth, and also fast heartbeat rate.

In this same category, we have another effective and productive to follow homeopathic remedy.

It is Argentum nitricum and it also cures panic attacks. If you somehow experience and observe anxiety because of uncertainty, then this treatment is usually favored by the homeopath practitioners.

Moreover, these kinds of anxiety attacks generally include fear of heights or fear of heights, or to fear and phobia of everyday things.

4- Natrum Muriaticum- Homeopathic Remedy for Migraines


Most probably, you may have heard about this homeopathic remedy, it is Natrum muriaticum. This remedy is designed to cure and heal migraines.

These migraines enter into a worse state and condition if the person faces some more grief or emotionally upsetting situations.

Furthermore, this remedy responds to those people who get migraines because of too much exposure to the sun or facing the menstrual period phase.

The terrible and devastating part about these migraines is that it feels as if a thousand hammers are knocking and banging on your head.

Most certainly, this Natrum muriaticum homeopathic remedy may give you the desirable results. All in all, such migraines are worse when compared to having eyestrain.

Consequently, this specific remedy may decrease your numbness or tingling feelings happening in the lips which you might experience before your headache problem starts.


5- Arsenicum Album – Homeopathic Remedy for Anxiety


In addition, most of the homeopaths have suggested this Arsenicum album remedy to their patients. This remedy is backed and supported by those people who have cured their anxiety issues by following and using this remedy.

Besides, it heals the fear of loneliness. fear of darkness, or fear of being imperfect. Thus, if you want to relieve this kind of anxiety of yours, then start doing Arsenicum album.

Hopefully, this remedy may relieve and ease your anxiety. However, Arsenicum album remedy and Calcarea carbonica remedy, both are interlinked.

Calcarea carbonica benefit those people who face difficulty in going and moving on with the flow.

On the other hand, this Gelsemium remedy successfully and manage to give benefit to those people who face anxiety because of the feelings of inadequacy. All these three homeopathic remedies are associated and connected to each other. Moreover, this remedy does not let you become timid and shaky.

You no longer experience agoraphobia.

You start facing crowds and gradually love public speaking. Lastly, this remedy stops and take out the desire of having solitude in your life.

6- Sanguinaria and Sepia Remedy for Right and Left Sided Migraines


These days, the problem of having right-sided migraines and left sides migraines are quite common. For the reason, Sanguinaria and Sepia kind of homeopathic remedies are suggested in this case.

Usually and commonly, right-sided migraines give a lot of tension and stress to your shoulder and neck. This pain and tension then gradually move to the forehead part.

The person experience bursting kind of feeling in his eye as well.

Most certainly, this remedy can calm down your right-sided migraine problem. This migraine gets further aggravated and uncomfortable because of light and noise. Thus, this remedy tries to improve and calm down your headaches.

It gives you a better sleep. Moreover, if you have digestive problems or allergy issues, then this same remedy can be used.

As we have discussed the homeopathic remedy for curing right-sided migraines, the next remedy is interlinked and cures left-sided migraines. This homeopathic remedy is termed as Sepia. It is observed that left-sided migraines come with dizziness and nausea problems.

  • The situation gets further worse when you start missing your meals.

Hence, this remedy largely and immensely responds in a positive way in these kinds of situations. So, whenever you feel weary, cold, or get a headache or feel irritable, then that is the time you need Sepia.

7- Kali Arsenicosum Remedy Treats Health-Based Anxiety Conditions

Anxiety Conditions

Kali Arsenicum homeopathic remedy is the one which treats and benefit the person when it comes to health-based anxiety conditions.

General conditions which are part of this specific anxiety type, they include hypochondria and fear of excessive grooming and also fear of heart attacks.

Those individuals who are the victim of health-based anxiety, they can follow and implement this homeopathic remedy. This remedy is encompassed by many benefits.

It removes all racing thoughts from your mind. Most certainly, it takes you out from the most difficult sleeping patterns. Furthermore, this remedy takes out the fear of death or dying from your mind.

Hence, if you are extremely vulnerable to anxiety and panic attacks, then this is the suggested homeopathic remedy for you.

Kali phosphoric and Lycopodium homeopathic remedies also fall and included in this same category. Most importantly, Kali phosphoric remedy is designed for those individuals who are extremely and immensely vulnerable to stress.

And if you lack self-confidence, then lycopodium remedy may benefit and profit you. This remedy shall work for those people who feel the utmost fear while speaking in public.

Moreover, if you have stage fright, then this specific remedy will work great for you.

8- Cimicifuga Homeopathic Remedy Cures Throbbing Pains


Also, have you ever followed this remedy which is named and termed as Cimicifuga Homeopathic? This is one of the widely opted and immensely popular homeopathic remedies.

Most probably, this remedy is indicated to those specific set of people who get migraines along with throbbing and intense pains. Such throbbing pains gives you the feel as if your head is flying open.

In addition, you face shooting pains and strain in your eyes. So, for these situations, try this homeopathic remedy. No doubt, this treatment cures your shooting and throbbing pains.

You do not feel stiff and painful if you properly follow the guidelines of this remedy. Lastly, this suggested remedy manages to take you out from mentally dull and also gloomy situations.

Most noteworthy, Cyclamen remedy is the subpart of Cimicifuga Homeopathic remedy as well. As the above-mentioned remedy benefits the specific person with respect to throbbing and shooting pains.

In the same way, Cyclamen remedy serves the exact purpose. If you start getting migraines along with flickering in the eyes and you get dim vision too, then for these cases, this Cyclamen remedy is suggested for sure by homeopathic professionals.

  • Even more, for dizziness, the implementation of this remedy is the need of that time.
  • The beneficial part about this homeopathic remedy is that it takes out from weak and sick zones.

Most certainly, Those people are in dire and extreme need of this Cyclamen remedy who are sympathetic and emotional. So, if you are too surrounded by some anxious feeling or remorseful feeling, then avoid to neglect this homeopathic remedy and enjoy its benefits.

9- Phosphorus Remedy for Those Whose Thoughts Get Often Scattered


There is another top most homeopathic remedy which has its own beneficial and profitable plus points. And it is this Phosphorus Homeopathic Remedy. Basically, this remedy is made for those people who have difficulty in socializing.

Those people who think that their thought patterns and thought processes get scattered when they enter into an anxiety mode, then this remedy is made for those people.

Furthermore, this Homeopathic phosphorus treatment turns your difficult time to be changed into an easy time while you focus on different things.

This proven remedy let you get your things done on time.

Same way, we have another remedy Pulsatilla which serves and deliver the same task. It is suggested by the homeopathic professionals that if you have childlike anxiety, then follow this given remedy treatment.

  • Thus, this remedy gives the person lots of reassurance and also support at one single time.

Beyond, you will be amazed to know that silica and Stramonium homeopathic remedies work for this same category too.

If you encompass one of the biggest fears of experiencing and facing new things in your personality, then Silica remedy shall work ideally for you. Thus, instead of becoming workaholics for the sake of soothing your fears, this remedy may help you.

Besides, Stramonium remedy helps you to fight with night terrors and nightmares. It keeps you from having dark thoughts. Lastly, this remedy does not let you to get scared of the dark or to get scared from your thoughts.

Thus, if you often get scared from monsters or from some mysterious figures and your anxiety levels tend to get worse, then try following this remedy in your life.

10- Lycopodium Clavatum Remedy for People Having IBS and Food Intolerances

Food Intolerances

How about curing IBS irritable bowel movement and your other food intolerances issues? We will tell you. There is this Lycopodium clavatum homeopathic remedy which can cure these issues of yours.

This exclusive remedy is immensely suitable and 100% ideal for those people who often get IBS and food intolerances. This remedy eases your worse pain status.

It relieves your pain and heals your inflamed digestive tract.

Most importantly, this remedy allows your stomach to extract and take enough nutrition from the food you have consumed!

However, this is a fruitful homeopathic remedy because your abdomen and stomach no longer feel full and bloated.

  • It often happens during IBS and food intolerances issues that the appetite level of the person gets changeable.

He either feels extremely full or extremely hungry. For the reason that this Lycopodium clavatum homeopathic remedy is suggested for these cases.

This remedy also heals your terrible stomach cramps. It treats and calms your short, sharp and too pinching pains. Thus, follow this homeopathic remedy as it is one of the easy to follow solutions to heal your stomach cramps and burning pains.

11- Nux Vomica Remedy Takes You Out From The Stressful Lifestyle

Stressful Lifestyle

Lastly, Nux Vomica remedy is the one which can take you out from the stressful lifestyle zone of yours.

This mentioned remedy is suitable for those people who immensely work hard to burn the candle at both ends. And eventually, they only get a stressful lifestyle.

That is why this homeopathic remedy is recommended to these people.

In this stressful lifestyle zone, we often include the states like that of an unhealthy digestive system, experiencing severe stomach cramps and mental exertion states.

Thus, this remedy cures nausea and your overall feelings of being sea-sick. Moreover, this is an effective remedy to treat some kind of hangover situation.

So, if you do not want to make things further worse in your life, try to follow Nux Vomica and share your feedback.

Bring some relief into your stressful life and enjoy the calm and soothing benefits of this remedy. Even more, this remedy is extremely helpful and useful in cases when a person starts to anticipate a stressful event.

Consequently, Nux Vomica remedy is a highly opted homeopathic remedy among a different set of people. Try it and give us your opinion on this remedy as well


Thus, what’s the bottom line? These homeopathic remedies are tried, tested and approved. You can try them as well.

No doubt, homeopathy has a proven and strong track record when it comes to alleviating, treating and curing chronic symptoms. Reported and significant positive health changes are observed by those individuals who have followed these homeopathic remedies.


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