Sole Water - [ Ultimate Guide ] - Health Benefits & Side Effects

Sole Water - [ Ultimate Guide ] - Health Benefits

The concept of sole water is quite old. It is getting popularity with each passing day. To begin with, here is the ultimate guide for our readers regarding the consumption routine of sole water.

We have also discussed the health benefits provided by it. Note down that sole water is water saturated with the addition of pink Himalayan salt.

Furthermore, the countless number of health benefits are claimed by it.

Its supporters have circulated these important facts that it can help the person to lose weight.

Moreover, it helps you to balance and stabilize your hormones. At the same time, it heals your muscle cramps and improves sleeping patterns too.

Thus, now let us all review some of the more deeper details about this sole water.

What is Sole Water?Sole Water

You might be wondering about the exact definition of sole water, here are the details for you. It is by saturating the water with the help of pink Himalayan salt that this drink is made!

Most importantly, this pink Himalayan salt is extracted and taken from the mines located near the sites of Himalayas. You just have to fill up the glass jar with pink Himalayan salt until and unless it reaches to the quarter section of that glass jar.

Then fill up the rest of the glass jar with water. Let that mixture sit for about 12–24 hours duration and have it later on.

Most noteworthy, a large number of proponents and supporters of this sole water have recommended and suggested to drink 1 teaspoon of this mixture in an 8-ounce glass. A single glass of sole water is enough for you.

With the consumption of single glass, you can enjoy a multitude number of health benefits.

It is reported that this specific beverage helps you to balance as well as stabilize the positively and negatively charged ions of your body.

It is claimed by a few of the researchers that sole water helps to promote and encourage an optimal ion balance in the human body. Thus, this specific drink maintains all kind of fluid levels circulating in your body, It improves your overall health too.

Sole Water - [ Ultimate Guide ] - Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Sole Water

Health Benefits of Sole Water

Want to know the best part and exclusive health benefits offered by sole water? We will tell you! It is speculated by the advocates and every single supporter of this beverage that it benefits your digestive system and normalizes your blood pressure rates.

The rest of the health benefits details and their explanation is mentioned below:

Helps the Person with Hydration

Most probably, sole water helps the person a lot when it comes to hydration. By consuming and drinking such kind of saline water, your body cells are going to be repaired effectively.

Your body starts to detoxify naturally during your sleeping time. Most certainly, sole water shall help your body to re-hydrate itself time again and again,

Maintain and Boost Your Energy Levels

In addition, sole water boost your energy levels. This specific and subjected drink comprises the necessary amount of electrolytes in it. It is because of the presence of these necessary electrolytes that your body starts to function properly.

Besides, it starts to amplify its energy levels. Though drinking tap water eliminates toxins from your body. But it removes some of the important minerals from your body at the same time.

For the reason that people prefer to drink sole water. It hydrates your body and does not let the important minerals lost.

Helps to Detoxify Your Body

Another important benefit offered by sole water, it is that it helps and let your body detoxify easily. This drink is naturally antibacterial. It has the potential to eliminate harmful toxins and bacteria from your body.

That is why more and more people are switching to drink sole water.

Keeps your Body pH Balanced

Sole water act as in the form of natural and powerful antihistamine agent. This drink makes sure that your body pH remains to balance every single day. Also, this drink strengthens your bone health.

It normally happens that when your body starts to utilize calcium from your bones, then conditions like that of osteoporosis occurs.

However, with the regular drinking of sole water, your body no longer has to use calcium and other important minerals extracted from your bones.

This drink is itself rich with lots of calcium content, packed and filled with lots of minerals and alkalization. Thus, it is easy for this drink to improve the health of your bones.

Gives Your Healthy Veins and Cure your Muscle Cramps

Furthermore, in order to heal your vein problems, you start drinking sole water on a regular basis. When your body starts to experience mineral imbalance, then your veins slowly and gradually become weaker.

  • Thus, it is advised to have sole water for the sake of improving your veins health.
  • Moreover, muscle cramps issue receives an instant healing effect upon drinking sole water. Sportspeople often get muscle cramps in their legs.

This kind of situation also happens because of lack of potassium content. Thus, leg cramps and muscle cramps can be improved if you make a habit of drinking sole water regularly.

Strengthen Your Immune System

As sole water is packed with lots of minerals and vitamin content, that is why it can instantly strengthen your immune system. No doubt, vitamins, and minerals are one of the basic ingredients and survival aspects of your body.

By drinking sole water, it means you are feeding your body with enough content of minerals and vitamins. Lastly, this drink repairs your damaged tissues, heal your wounds and strengthen your bones.

Promotes Weight Loss and Gives you a Better Sleep

Promoting weight loss and improving sleep patterns, these are some of the most distinguished health benefits offered by sole water. As Himalayan salt sole improves your digestion as well as strengthening your body completely at the cellular level.

  • That is why these aspects are going to gradually help you while promoting weight loss.

In addition, all the important minerals present in this water help you sleep better and relax on extensive notes.

It calms your entire nervous system, controls your stress hormone which is Adeline and also promotes better sleep every single night.

Helps You to Cure Skin Problems

Most certainly, sole water can give you healthy skin. Apart from giving healthy skin, it plays an important part in giving you healthy hair and also healthy nails. This is an ideal skin product which can even cure your acne problem.

The important and needed minerals present in the salt of the Himalayas let the person to cure skin problems. As an example, zinc helps you a lot to repair your damaged tissues.

It prevents acne. On the other hand, iodine and also chromium help you to heal your skin infections. Moreover, the presence of sulfur content in this salt manages to keep your skin surface smooth and clean.

Decreases Your Addictive Food Cravings

Can you believe that sole water can actually decrease and reduce your additive food cravings? It is true! By consuming sole regularly, you will be able to bring down your addictive food cravings.

Your body no longer relies on munching snacks habit. Even more, drinking sole water is a great way to get rid of your body fats and also toxins.

Other Health Benefits Offered by Sole WaterSole Water

This drink helps the person when it comes to motion sickness. So, whenever you feel and experience nausea and vomiting kind of feeling, then do have this drink.

This water type is a great and the best remedy to combat such kind of problems. It also removes blockages as well as impurities which rise and cause because of sneezing and coughing.

Most importantly, if you have fungal nails, then sole water can treat this problem of yours as well.

For curing headaches and also to enjoy natural sleep patterns, you can have sole water for this purpose. This drink is wholly and completely capable to regulate your menstrual cycle.

Most noteworthy, it balances the state of your hormones.

No doubt, sole water has become one of the topmost and popular choices as it contains 84 minerals and traces elements as well. This rich drink naturally detoxifies your body.

It prevents your gums to avoid experience bleeding issue. As sole water has lots of potassium content in it. That is why you no longer get bleeding gums.

Taking this drink on a regular basis shall be able to regulate, improve and boost your overall healthy functioning. Most certainly, it is assured again and again by the supporters of sole water that this drink can refresh your breath and it does not let you smell bad.

It normalizes your blood sugar levels and naturally promotes and encourage a healthy libido.

Lastly, to treat sore throats, you can drink this respective and subjected solution on a regular and day to day basis. It also helps you to fight with those infections which are present in your mouth.

All of your sore throat problems may get a quick relief if you manage to drink a single glass of water every day. In addition to, it relieves common respiratory problems like that of asthma, bronchitis and also different allergies.

Should You Drink Sole Water?

Now the next question is what should you drink sole water or not? Of course, you can! As it is made and prepared just by using water and pink Himalayan salt.

For the reason that you are free to drink it without worrying about any harsh side effects. However, it is suggested to drink and consume it in small amounts.

Most importantly, it reported by the American Heart Association that no more than 2,300 milligrams a day of sole water should be consumed. For adults, they can have 1,500 mg per day of sole water.

  • Note down that 1 teaspoon of sole contains and composed of only 478mg of sodium.

The only thing which you have to make sure is to drink sole water in adequate portion and appropriate quantity. Upon drinking a massive quantity of sole water, it means you are consuming excessive sodium.

No doubt, excess sodium intake is automatically and naturally linked to high blood pressure issue, osteoporosis and kidney stones problem. It may give birth to other chronic diseases as well.

However, if you are a patient of high blood pressure or victim of heart failure, then avoid drinking sole water.

How To Make Your Own Sole Water?How To Make Your Own Sole Water

Below we have mentioned and explained the simple remedy as to how to make your own sole water, check out the details:

Step 1

Firstly, get a glass jar. Fill it up a quarter of the way by taking pink Himalayan salt.

Step 2

Secondly, top off that glass jar with water. Then you have to seal and secure that glass jar with the help of a lid.

Step 3

Furthermore, shake that glass jar thoroughly. Just let it sit for about the time frame and duration of 12 to 24 hours. This is the maximum and average time duration which you have to follow.

Step 4

If you notice and see that the salt is fully dissolved, then you are free to add more of the pink Himalayan salt. Keep on adding small amounts of pink Himalayan salt until and unless the salt no longer dissolves on its own.

Step 5

Hence, when the water reaches its saturation point, then at that point, your sole water is prepared. Lastly, if you are on sodium-restricted kind of diets or if you are already consuming enough amount of salt, then do avoid this drink.

Where To Get (Healthy) Salt?

Pink Himalayan salt is normally marked and counted as a healthy salt type. It is naturally available in pink color. In addition, it is mined near the sites and zones of Himalayas in Pakistan.

It is claimed that this healthy salt is loaded with lots of essential minerals. It is from general markets and shops that you can purchase this healthy salt type.


Besides, it gives incredible health benefits. This Pink Himalayan rock salt is completely rich in vitamins and contains all 84 essential and important trace elements which are needed by your body.

Thus, pink Himalayan salt is often marked and identified to be much and extensively healthier when compared with regular table salt.

How To Use Salt Water Sole?How To Use Salt Water Sole

Most of the people are unaware of this aspect as to how to use sole water properly, below is the correct explanation for you:

It is advised to consume and drink it with an empty stomach. Normally, in the early morning time, you can have this drink. Make sure that you do not touch the sole with any metal equipment.

Most importantly, avoid drinking and consuming the concentrated sole water. You only have to take a single teaspoon of it and simply add it into freshwater.

Moreover, those who are heart patients, high BP patients, pregnant mothers or facing any other sort of medical condition, it is important for them to consult a qualified health professional before they opt the routine of drinking sole water.

Side Effects of Sole Water

Moving to the side effects of sole water, they are a few of them:

The Person Tend To Urinate More

We know that salt is naturally dehydrating. The more sole water you are going to drink, it means more amount of water is going to be lost by your body. This increase in your thirst and you tend to urinate more and more.

Gives Dry Mouth and Dizziness

One of the early side effects of sole water is that you get a dry mouth. This is also followed by rapid heartbeat rate. Moreover, you may get low blood pressure, headache as well s dizziness.

Most of the people have complained that they experienced and faced lethargy and confusion upon drinking sole water. Even more, drinking an excessive range of sole water may give you blood in your stool or you tend to vomit a lot.

There may occur a loss of appetite and also unconsciousness.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

The bottom line about this whole and the entire discussion is that sole water does come with many health benefits. However, its excessive use may transform your health benefits into some scary nightmares.

Though, it improves digestions, balances pH level in your body as well as balances blood sugar, improves your bone health. Still, its excessive use is detrimental for your health.

Hence, all in all, sole water is marketed and advertised as a drink which is high in health-promoting vitamins and minerals. It is counted as a better source as compared to regular salt.

However, its continuous and excessive consumption may put your life at risk.

Let us know if you have ever drink sole water? What benefits you receive from it and did you experience any side effect? Share your thoughts with us. Also, stay tuned with us as more detailing facts on sole water are coming up.


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